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API & Integration Testing

API testing is a set of quality assurance actions that include sending calls to the API, getting output, and validating the system’s response against the defined input parameters, in particular, the accuracy of data and data’s format, HTTP status codes, and error code.

API Automation Approach

API in terms of the three-tier architecture

Client, server, and database are the three independent tiers of software architecture. Usually, a client is a web browser or a mobile application that presents the requested info, while business logic is realized on the server-side. Client and server communicate through requests based on different transfer protocols. The system and logic of protocol-dependent requests are the API itself.

Integration and reliability tests of APIs

Being at the center of integrations between internal or third-party services, APIs need to pass the following tests.

Integration testing– Focused on communication between APIs, it ensures they are well-connected and don’t cause bugs in another API’s modules.

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